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Back in 1996, I could not decide whether to become a chef or an artist. I wanted to be both, try telling that to your careers advice teacher. I had always done a lot of cooking, and I had been making chocolate paintings of people for many years, since 1990. Below is an image of the first ever painting I did, it was a self-portrait, and it was eaten.
Eventually, I decided to do an Art degree at Winchester School of Art, and this is where I really developed my love of food and art. Fusing food and art together I started working more and more with non -traditional materials. I wanted people to be able to touch art, smell art, enjoy art, bite art and really get involved with art.


I made all sort of artworks from chocolate, mainly sculptures and paintings. I originally used a lot of royal icing, particularly in the chocolate paintings where I would use white royal icing for the light areas, and dark chocolate for the darker areas.  Over the years I developed this into creating thick solid chocolate paintings that featured a solid chocolate canvas with a solid chocolate frame, with an edible gold gilt- (that was fun working out how to do that!), and a white chocolate and dark chocolate face image.Finally after many years of development and hard work the solid chocolate totally edible chocolate painting was born.

You can now have bespoke paintings and sculptures created of anyone or anything you can think of. We even make our own moulds, so you can have anything you can dream of made from food and chocolate!


I hope you enjoy chocolate as much as I do!