Solid Chocolate Portraits

You can even capture the happy bride and groom in chocolate. We can create a solid chocolate painting that is entirely edible; it even has a solid chocolate canvas and frame.

We have made these for people from all over the world, for various events and occasions, from Elvis conventions in Las Vegas, to personal gifts for Granny, to presents for chocolate fan Dawn French when she was a guest on telly. When she saw it she said “Wowweeee, this is art I like!” We love them too and hope that this will add a really special wow factor for the top table! The solid chocolate painting was Prudence’s first ever creation back in 1996 and people still love to eat them today.

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Chocolate Wedding Favours

A collection of individually handmade chocolate wedding favours hand piped with each guests name.

A place name and favour all-in-one and you can even choose the ribbon colour!

See our on-line shop for further details.